UDH Group’s mission is to create an ecosystem that supports the requirements of corporate clients, Government and Industry professional and enables the growth of the industry as a whole. Our focus is the African Continent and as the market develops through the opening of airspace we aim to be part of the solution that enables professional and high-quality outcomes.

As a successful entrepreneur and helicopter pilot, the attraction to the world of commercial drones was clear. The successful exit from my previous company gave me the time, capital and experience to take on this new and exciting opportunity. The drone industry is new, rapidly developing, yet highly regulated and this creates the requirement for a suite of professional businesses that can work in concert to help large clients achieve their goals.



RPAS Training Academy

Premium drone training facility run by passionate & highly-experienced aviation experts from all sectors of the industry.

Advanced Aerial

Professional Drone service provider, operating in multiple sectors such as mining, security, and industrial applications.

Drone Ops

One of a few CAA licensed drone operating businesses and provider of licensed operations to our subsidiary companies.

Commercial drones

UDH Group can provide customers with purpose-driven drone systems to solve specific requirements. 

Drone Con

A collaborative effort to organize Africa's largest annual Drone Conference - running since 2015.

MotherShip Media

UDH Group's Drone Media specific operation, providing services for the film and marketing industry.

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